A special birthday boy, Diss market on the move and a rudely awakened camper - What was in the Diss Mercury 25 years ago?

The Diss Mercury in July 1993.

The Diss Mercury in July 1993.


The Diss Mercury has been servicing the local community for more than 25 years.

The Diss Mercury in July 1993.The Diss Mercury in July 1993.

We have delved into the archives that have been stored away in the Mercury office on Mere Street to see just what was in the paper 25 years ago.

On Friday, July 2 1993 there was a very special treat for birthday day Nicky Bond after he received a hand painted birthday card from his father who was in prison.

Duncan Bond and Mark Chapman had their five year sentences for kidnapping slashed after a campaign by local people which meant that Nicky would have his father home in just 10 weeks.

It was reported that the market in Diss would have to find a new location as improvement works were set to be carried out on the sewers in Market Place.

The Diss Mercury in July 1993.The Diss Mercury in July 1993.

No decision had been made but Shelfanger Road and Park Road car park were possible options.

Traditional horse power was need to pull a Diss Fire Bridge’s 111-year-old fire engine showpiece.

The fire brigade was on the hunt for two horses. They had all the equipment including chariots, carts and straps but no horses to pull the fire engine.

A camper had a rude awakening after he fell asleep only to wait up and find his camping gear had been stolen.

The camper in Diss Mere Park awoke to find that his camera, wallet and portable stereo had been taken.

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