Disability support group appeals for more members

PUBLISHED: 17:21 06 April 2018 | UPDATED: 17:21 06 April 2018

Current memebrs of The Disability issues and Social Support Group. Picture; Sabrina Johnson

Current memebrs of The Disability issues and Social Support Group. Picture; Sabrina Johnson


A social group established to give to disabled people in a South Norfolk market town a place to meet on a regular basis is appealing for more members to join its group.

Meeting once a week in the Denny Care Centre, in Diss, the Disability Issues and Social Support Group (DISS Group) was established in 2005.

Initially set up to offer disabled people a regular place to socialise, since it was established more than 10 years ago it has grown into a small but close knit community. It helps to combat loneliness and offers its members advice, support and lasting friendship.

Jan Talbot, the DISS Group’s current chairman, explained what a difference joining the group had made to her.

“I’ve been coming along for 11 years,” she said. “When I first came here I was a little wallflower but now I’m the chair.

“Before I came to this group, the only time I left the house was to do a little bit of shopping.

“I really enjoy coming along because it feels like a family. There’s a wealth of experience and shared knowledge here.”

Not just offering a cup of tea and the chance to play a few board games, the group’s members frequently organise speakers from different organisations such as the police or utility providers.

But it is members’ shared experiences and peer-to-peer support which has proved most valuable.

Member June McCallum said: “The benefits of coming are great. We can help with advice and point people in the right direction.”

Fellow member Brenda Fleet added: “We are a disabled group but we try to put forward our abilities rather than our disabilities. It’s our abilities which define us.”

“It’s hard to walk through the door but we are very welcoming. Take that first step, we really will be welcoming - give it a try.”

The DISS Group meets on Tuesday mornings from 10am to noon. The group is open to anyone aged 18 and over.

Due to a lack of medically trained staff on site, attendees must be able to care for themselves or be accompanied by a carer.

For more information, contact Graham Smith via 01379 640966

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