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MUST SEE - Photographer captures Diss Mere like never before

PUBLISHED: 14:58 18 June 2018 | UPDATED: 14:58 18 June 2018

Anyone familiar with Diss will know that the Mere is one of the most beautiful spots in the town and a top location to spend a sunny day.

But now, using a special technique, a photographer has taken some shots of the Mere which show it in a completely new and interesting light.

Freelance photographer Jeordy Lawrence said: “I chose the Mere because it’s a very recognisable part of Diss, anyone who lives in, near or around Diss knows about it.

“I also felt that the reflections from the light would make for a very nice photo. I was hoping to get the stars in the reflection, however the night wasn’t as bright as I had hoped, but I’m not giving up yet.”

Astrophotography is created using a camera with full manual settings. The camera is set up to take anywhere from 10 seconds to two minutes to expose, and that amount of time correlates to how long the shutter is open, allowing more light to hit the sensor.

Mr Lawrence added: “I plan to go down to the market with my camera and see how that goes, since it’s another very historical and busy event that takes part in the heart of Diss, other than that I’ll be out most nights waiting for the stars to come out so I can try and get that perfect shot showing Diss in a way that nobody has seen it before.”

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