Norfolk youngsters help friend in accident just days after receiving training

Archie Turner, Jack Eakers and Ricky Eakers. Picture: Diss Church of England Junior Academy

Archie Turner, Jack Eakers and Ricky Eakers. Picture: Diss Church of England Junior Academy


Youngsters from Diss were able to help their friend during an accident just a week after receiving first aid training from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service’s Crucial Crew.

Ricky Eakers, 11, was riding his bike to school when he fell off cutting his arm and leg.

Luckily, his twin brother Jack and their friend Archie Turner, also 11, quickly remembered the valuable training they had received from the Crucial Crew and were able to stay calm and seek help.

One of the boys stayed with Ricky while the other went off to get help and stopped an ambulance at a nearby petrol station.

A passing lorry driver also stopped to help Ricky after the accident in Victoria Road, Diss, and was taken to hospital where he had three stitches in his knee, arm and his leg was bandaged.

Sharon Eakers, the twins’ mum, said: “The boys were calm, didn’t try to move Ricky and worked as a team to look after him and get help.

“They went off to Crucial Crew only a few days before and didn’t expect their training to be put into practice quite so quickly. Thankfully, Ricky was wearing a cycle helmet or his injuries could have been a lot worse.”

Jack and Archie were given medals in school assembly and Ricky returned to school after a couple of days.

The boys’ teacher at Diss Junior Academy, Patrick Miles, said: “Once Jack and Archie arrived at school they told me what had happened and said they knew what to do – stay calm, get help, reassure the injured party and not leave them alone- because of Crucial Crew.

“This shows what a valuable project Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service runs for our children.”

Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service has been running Crucial Crew since 2003 and more than 60,000 Norfolk school children have taken part across all the county’s districts.

Councillor Margaret Dewsbury, chairman of Norfolk County Council’s communities committee, said: “This story highlights the important safety work undertaken by our fire and rescue service to help educate our young people and keep our communities as safe as possible.

Crucial Crew has had many success stories over the years and it is great that so many partners are on board to work in collaboration with the service.”

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